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A sex position created by Cosmonauts during the rather enthusiastic early years of the Soviet Union's space program. Once the space craft leaves Earth's orbit, both participants paint themselves in a vibrant shade of red, lay face to face, and hold their arms and legs out to form a star. Most importantly, it must be done in zero gravity so that no one is on top.
Cosmonaut 1: Yes comrade, on my last mission to MIR Anna Karenina and I performed The Communist.

Cosmonaut 2: Was it as good as they say comrade-captain?

Cosmonaut 1: It was utter pleasure for both of us.
by chopetov May 04, 2009
The Communist resides in Round Rock, Texas. She's a girl who has all of her beliefs in order. People follow her, and if you don't she'll slaughter you.
"I'm scared, The Communist is walking next to me!"
by Paul January 31, 2005
A term describing some particular as a communist, instead of generally "a communist".
Ole: Do you know a Communist?
Malte: Yes, I know alot.
Ole: But no-one knows THE Communist,
like, the fore-front example, Gent!
Gent: That's me. All hail the Rebel Alliance! Equality for all.
by OleMarXo June 08, 2005
To deficate in ones own hand and slap someone else firmly with it.
I was giving my girlfriend a rim job and she farted in my mouth so i gave her the communist.
by Curtis A. April 19, 2005
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