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A online bmx form where people can talk about bikes, post pics and videos, have QandA's with pros, Look at porn and other peoples bikes. the big names on tcub are muffinman,EGGS,TheLegendHimself,BldyOath.s3,Van, Punjab, Warren Buffet Tony. and also hated people like NWKurt and Lue630

Also Called TCUB
biker1: Hey i'm looking for porn and bmx all in one place

Biker2: Check out The Come Up Board
by Doug aka xTheLivingShadow September 06, 2008
The biggest piece of shit forum to ever surface on the internet.

Full of horny 14 year olds and 35 year old assholes.

Never go on this shit, ever.
Guy 1: Hey, you ever been on the come up board?

Guy 2: Dude, fuck that place, it's a piece of shit.
by Fuckthecomeup July 21, 2010
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