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A fictitious (???) religious group believing in the foretold events written of in Homestuck, a fictitious (???) work by MS Paint Adventures (abbv. MSPA) author Andrew Hussie. This man is well-known for sporting a pair of incredibly luscious lips (and also due to his comedic talents, which are by many people's standards of the highest caliber).

They support the philosophical theory of casual determinism and believe in offshoot timelines, and that the world was created by adolescent humanoid aliens called "trolls" from the planet Alternia in another universe, among other things. They are currently preparing themselves for the coming apocolypse (which will directly correlate with the release of a beta-mode game entitled Sburb, or something similarly derived) by reading the webcomic itself. Real followers know that Gog and Jegus are fictional deities first named on the whim of an incredibly ironic thirteen-year-old boy (and a blind troll chick) who meant to parody the parallels between human and troll culture.

Members of this group can be identified by their candy-corn colored horns, which vary in shape, size and material as well as quality. Sometimes they go gallivanting about in Homestuck merchandise purchased from the What Pumpkin and Topatoco online stores, though they are not the exclusive caterers to this fashion, as many casual Homestuck fans are willing to break open their piggy-banks to get at the tiger (...hoodies). May occasionally paint themselves grey.
Probably a better alternative when compared to most organized religion.

"But sir! We have to prepare for the coming apocalypse! Listen! The universe is a giant cancer-ridden frog! Don't you understand? C A N C E R !" - average Homestuck trying to spread the word of our lord Hussie

"The Church Of Homestuck" originally conceived by paper pie on tumblr.
by not a homosexual August 13, 2011
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