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A sexual act: So you take a look down and you realize that your pubes are getting a bit you decide to trim them and since your at your mother-in-laws (or someplace else you don't want to leave evedence) you must save the mess so you simple throw them in a zip lock baggie. Later, one day when your getting a blow job from someone and you climax you blow your load in their face. You then realize that the zip lock baggie is in your pocket and with a quick slight of hand you throw your pubes in their face. With a kind of tar and feather effect (accept it is a cum and pubes) the pubes stick to their face. Next, with a triumphant wookie belch you make the famous noise Ba-ah-gah-gah-gah. Thus, making your lover into the hairy beast and lovible, cuddly character you may or may not remember.
Dude I hooked up with this chick last night and I totally gave her The Chubacca!

I hate my girlfriend so much I gave her The Chubacca trying to break up with her, but she totally was into it.

by Man in B-town October 29, 2008
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