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The Cheerleader Effect is when a group of women seem hot, but only as a group. Just like with Cheerleaders they seem hot, but take each one of them individually - sled dogs
" I am not impressed with the talent in here tonight. " says Barney.
" Look, there's hot group of girls over there. " says Lily.
" That, my friend is the cheerleader effect, look at each of them individually. " says Barney.
" Woah, I see what you mean! " says Lily.
by Tom Movi January 01, 2010
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When a group of girls are seemingly hot. But when a closer look is made, each individual is terribly ugly.
Man: Dude I'm going to go pick up one of those chicks.
Dude: No don't it's the cheerleader effect, they are all sick.
by Blackflame619 December 24, 2008
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