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Dancing move used mostly while dancing to fast electronic music, where the dancer slightly leans in and pretends he pulls the activating cord of a chainsaw (the dance move obviously refers to old, gas-activated chainsaws). Also known as "The Lawnmower" for obvious reasons. A perfect example can be found here:

watch?v=REKtfD5_ts4 (in youtube)
Dude, check it out! Ollie is doing the Chainsaw! He is so high!
by Crazygoat826 May 25, 2008
The sexual act of taking a girl's virginity while she sits atop a working dryer filled with 4-5 pairs of shoes or otherwise bulky items.

note: it is not okay to go vroom vroom or attempt to make any other chainsaw noises throughout the process.
Yo bitch, these last few-- haha I'm just playin. Seriously, what I was gonna say was that these last few months we've spent together have been really special and I was thinking that maybe we could step it up a bit. What do I have in mind? Hahah. Well I really wanna do the chainsaw. Don't laugh! Haha. C'mon. This means a lot to me, and my mom just got a Kenmore.
by Maytag September 18, 2006
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