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Some girl ghosts casper met at a bacherler party. Now these "9" single ghosts are dateing casper. Critics say that caspers one lucky poltergist. These nine amazing ghosts are backround singers of Caspers hit band 9 chicks in the gave yard. you can buy there new hit single lucky 13 now selling in 7-11's near you! and if your to cheap to get there c-d you can see the casperets in casper meets wendie.if you look closely in the gazibo seen, in the backround you can see 8 of the casperets singing to cover up for the bad singing of casper (the ninth casperet was in the bahamas. ( special apearence of the casperets monday afternoon on oprah)
theres a casperett in my cereal!!! yay!!!
by bibby! March 04, 2005
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