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1. This guy, who spams a lot, I mean, I'm talking spammage to the max here.

2. A man who has candy, and he lures little kids with it.

3. One who kills Sweds.
"Come here little kiddies, I have candy"-Candy Man
by Cheezmeister December 11, 2003
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a man that goes to candy land usually anyones name that begins with "G"
Man 1: yo did you hear gage is the candy man?
Man 2: awww thats dirty who would do such a thing??
Man 1: him, lasky, erik.....
Man 2: HAHAHA ROFL LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!
#lasky #erik #candy #jawn #fupa
by jawnmaster3000000 February 14, 2011
Nick-name for Michael Olowokandi
The Candy Man is unstoppable
by Jesus Pimp October 28, 2004
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