Short for the busload to hell. It refers to a type of living that commonly frowned upon by most of the public. For example, drinking excessively, fucking strangers, making jokes at the expense of the weak or physically challenged and just generally being an asshole. Popularized by ACDC song "Highway to Hell".
Last night I fucked I girl in the ass and then I gave her a dirty sanchez. I'm driving the bus.
by Rocks in Pocket February 19, 2007
Top Definition
Only the greatest Pittsburgh Steeler player of all time.
AKA Jarome Bettis
DUDE did you watch The Bus score that awesome touchdown?
by Shannon Marie W, September 07, 2006
a girl who's pussy has continuously been fucked the living daylights out off. The term "bus" is used to represent old school buses that have had stains, burns, tape, and beat up insides. We've all been in school buses and you know how used they've been.
"Yo wassup. so i heard u got on "the bus" the other day how was it?"

"Man that chick is a BUS, everyones been there"
by zezeze April 02, 2010
A sexual act involving fingering a girl where you put 1 finger in the front and 9 in the back similar to a bus.
I gave that bitch the bus, bitches love the bus
by Pat Lundy August 27, 2013
Any girl who will run through/fuck a whole team of your home boys with out even thinking twice one night. Close relative to the Slampig and Beefhound.
turdloni ass bitches who can cram an unusual amount of cock into there beavers in one night steam rolling anyone in their path... The Bus
by the sharktur August 06, 2009
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