A small town in western Saskatchewan, called Lashburn
There's a big party in The Burn tonight, you coming?
I'm from The Burn
by Scott MacLean July 13, 2005
Top Definition
Street slang for the the city of Melbourne in Victoria.
Check out this bustling laneway! This is exactly why I love living in The Burn.
by cyril please August 31, 2010
The Burn is another name for the city of Lisburn in Northern Ireland!
Boy one: say something
by yeooo February 25, 2007
Occurring in males after sexual intercourse or masturbation, the inside of the epididymis become inflamed and painful with a burning sensation, likely due to seminal fluid remaining inside the epididymis following ejaculation. The Burns takes time to go away, and men suffering from it should sit on the toilet with their penis aimed down to allow for sufficient drainage. If this is a common problem, you should speak to your doctor.
After wanking it with Sally, I got the burns. Took like ten minutes to go away.
by Iron Penguin March 27, 2010
After eating a significant amount of hot peppers, excretion entails burning of the anus.
"I ate so many shipka peppers; I got the burns like crazy!"

"My ass is on fire from the burns!"
by JUICE CLUB February 12, 2006
A bender of epic proportions thats comes as a result of a bad sporting loss.
Jamie lost in double overtime and spent the next week fucking fat ugly girls, he was in the burn.
by dutchtennis46 September 09, 2010
A loyal member to the original Boge Crew II. Co-founder of the Ghost Hunter Weekly Magazine and The Treasure Hunting Club. It is very possible that someday he will become the President of the United States of America.
"The Burn! He's so hot right now!"
by J February 25, 2005
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