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The bull frog, similar to the the angry dragon is when a man is having intense oral sex with his girlfriend, she is in squatting position and slowly thrusts while she is going down on the penis. This will create a fire in her eyes, and in some cases disapproval. None the less, after continuing, give her a nice, firm, flick to the middle of her neck, or to use agression, a karate chop (excellent stress reliever) to the throat. The end result is a "whoap" kind of noise, similar to that of a bullfrog. She will angrily hop away like a bullfrog. Extra points if you catch it on audio.
Dude, last night was hilarious. Karen was pretty pissed when I gave her The bullfrog, but it was totally worth it.
by Joey Scungilli March 26, 2007
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The bullfrog is when you have someone put their mouth on your anus. You then fart into their mouth and the result causes their cheeks to flare out with your gas.
My girlfriend pissed me off, so when she was tossing my salad, I gave her the bullfrog.
by Hobbitfoot March 30, 2007

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