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While engaging in sexual intercourse, "doggy-style," grab her by the arms and pull tight, then proceed to drive her around like a bulldozer...being sure to make the warning beeps when backing up!
Man i couldn't see the coffee table at all anymore so gave my girl the bulldozer last night and cleaned everything off! i then had to give her the hoover to clean all the food off the ground!!
by Jltaylor September 17, 2010
A crazy sex position where you take the girl and pretend like you are gonna do doggystyle. Then, right before you penetrate her, you pick her up and start ramming her into walls and things in the room.
Boy: Ready?
Girl: Yeah.
Boy: *picks up girl* THE BULLDOzER!!!!
by Volcano Head November 22, 2013
When you nuzzle a persons buttcrack with your nose, back and forth.
Sandy enjoyed the bulldozer while she nibbled some coffeecake.
by B-rett G March 15, 2006
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