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This is similar to the arabian goggles,but you discretely squat over someones head while they are sleeping and put both of your nuts in each eye socket simultaneuosly gently placing your ass hole on their nose. You patiently wait in the pirched position until they wake up. It will take them a few seconds before they realize what's going on and when they finally do... you flinch your butt cheeks while they are still spread and your ass hole winks at them giving it the proper name The Brown Eyed Wink.
My girlfriend said we were going to have hot, sweaty, gorilla sex last night and when I came back from the bathroom she was sleeping, so in a frantic rage I decided to give her "The Brown Eyed Wink" make a long story short we're not dating anymore.
by Paul (_))lllllllllD- - - - May 05, 2005
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