An ancient contraption from the indo-china sub continent that is used in modern times by people of indian descent around the world to clean their arse. This is why should you try anal with indian girls because you won't get shit on your nob.
Man: Which hole should i put it in?!
Woman: My bottom!
Man: But i might get shit on my nob!
Woman: Nah i've used the bottle!
by Tony Blow August 20, 2006
Top Definition
A blanket term for or embodiment of alcohol abuse, as in 'the dreaded bottle'. When a person 'turns to the bottle', the person will abuse alcohol to forget his or her problems.
The bottle is my only friend.
by Roth Vantage December 26, 2014
The Bottle is death itself. It is a concoction of of things all compiled into one bottle. It has been buried under the ground for about 3-4 months. With things such as milk, soda, bacon, cheese, cat foot, piss, and a dead bird, the bottle is the worst thing ever.

The Bottle can also be used as a defense. (See example below)
That shit was so nasty it was almost as bad as the bottle.

If you kick me in the nuts again I will pour the bottle on you.
by ThePoonerBooner May 08, 2008
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