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To get Bopped is to get screwed over or cheated. Or to have something incredibly unlucky happen.
Jack: Man i was at the swap meet today and mo fucka snatched my shit.
Joe: Damn, that's the BOP
Jack: Hell yea, nigga's bopping me
Joe: Yea dawg you got bopped

by Nic Jones April 23, 2008
5 10
another phrase used to identify the act of giving oral sex to a man. (fellatio)
Greg:Dude, i heard u went out wit Sarah last night

Brandon:Yea dude she totally gave me the bop, it was awesome.
by Tayler S August 19, 2007
24 10
when some one stays home from school or work to play Call of Duty: Black Ops
guy 1:justin just got COd: Black Ops last week, he must have a bad case of the bops because he hasnt been in school for 3 days
by Sandman837465 November 10, 2010
14 3
same as oral sex when female performs on male(head)
Aye yo girl, you tryin to give me the bop
by michael tripaldi December 31, 2006
3 5