The Bone Zone is used by yelpers as a euphemism for sex. The claims often seem dubious, as it is hard for one to imagine anyone wanting to sleep with the people who use the phrase most often.

There are reviews of the Bone Zone on Yelp's New York page, because it is important to let the world know that you are getting some.
Sorry I couldn't make your birthday party, I was at the Bone Zone!
by Hall Und Oates August 02, 2010
Top Definition
A spiritual experience of entering the zone, be it sexual or otherwise.
I entered the bone zone last night when I shredded the bass inside of a packed venue, it was quite a euphoric experience.
by Kelen Keller August 23, 2010
when you sit on your boyfriends lap and he has a boner
i entered the bone zone yesterday and it was amazing!
by communistcabbage December 27, 2015
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