Coming from Hitler's "BlitzKrieg" meaning lightening war.

The Blitz of London and other major cities in the UK refers to the period during World War II when London was heavily bombed by the luftwaffe (1940-1941).

42,000 Britons died as a result of the blitz, and over 130,000 homes were vaporised. Hitler also commisioned the V2 to attack.

Although the object of the blitz was to weaken British morale, it served as quite the opposite as Churchill focused his speaches to praising the indefatigueability of the British public, thus strenghtening morale.

With the capture of the radar, and discovery of the german radar patterns the blitz ended. German aircraft could no longer keep accuratly hitting their targets.
The blitz destroyed a lot of shit.
by Gumba Gumba April 13, 2004
Top Definition
The Blitz referes to the Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother, when one person leaves the group for any period of time and something amazing happens. You can pass on the Blitz from being part of the group when somthing amazing does happen, but another person from the group had to leave between 2-30 minutes prior to that amazing thing happening.
Jamie: Barney! where did you go you missed it!

Luke: Missed what?!

Adam: That awesome beerpong shot!
(Prior Blitz)Aaron: yea and i was there!

Luke: Awwww man!!

(Luke becomes the blitz)
by Xurria July 06, 2012
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