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a.k.a 'The Bleend Daawg'

'The Blind Dawg' was the freakish love child of the two great gaming personas 'The Blind Man' and 'The Dawg'. When these two gamertags became one, the result was epic pwnage beyond belief, the likes of which xbox live users had never seen before. A master of the online gaming world. When encountered, 'The Blind Dawg' will without fail inflict nothing but pure pwnage upon all n00bs, hax0rs, and anyone who has ever used the word 'LOL' in a real life situation.
during Halo 3 online..

level 50 player: dude i just played the blind dawg on team snipes!

gamers friend: how did you do??


The Blind Dawg...50
everyone else.......0
by alphage July 12, 2009

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