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Similar to the "Bieber Fever", the Black Plague is a very deadly disease, and highly contagious. Thanks to Rebecca Black, she has spread this new disease to million and possible billions of innocent people.
Logan: Ugh, Bro! I cant get that stupid Rebecca Black song "Friday" out of my head!!

Shane: Hmmm this sounds really similar to the "Bieber Fever".

Michael: No dude, its worse. I think Logan has caught..."THE BLACK PLAGUE!"

*crying & sobbing*
by Dragon Lust April 01, 2011
Much like Bieber Fever, this nasty disease is a term to describe the new sensation created by 13-year YouTube phenomenom, Rebecca Black and her hit single, "Friday". How such an utterly untalented little shithead like Rebecca Black can get a record deal is beyond me, but I suppose if Justin Bieber can get famous, then so can she.
Rebecca Black fan: Screw Bieber Fever, I've got the Black Plague!
by PJ Queen March 17, 2011
Not to be confused with The Black Death or The Plague, The Black Plague is when you or a group of your friends are in a place or spot and that location is suddenly over come with black people.
"This is such a good picinic spot!" Man.
"Yeah it sure is," Man's Wife," But look! Theres a bunch of negroes running this way!"
"Oh shit hon, we better go before we catch the black plague!"
"I think we already have....."
( Loud rap music blasts in the background as pot smoke fills the air, suddenly the smell of a KFC diner fills the nostrils of the young white couple and then they hear gun shots....)
by mcclaytonrolls April 20, 2008
Followers of Rebecca Black are said to have the "The Black Plague". Similar to Bieber Fever because they are both dreadful singers and they have a fan base that consists of paedophiles and teenage girls. Rebecca Black is the 13 year old artist who rose to infamy in March of 2011.
A: "I totally have the The Black Plague"

B: "Yeah totally"

by Crazydane125 March 30, 2011
A mutated form of "Bieber Fever", over One Million people were infected 3 weeks after the outbreak. Symptoms include confusion in front-back seat identification, driving at 13, an insatiable need for bowls of cereal, and random black guys.
The whole school had been infected with The Black Plague. The word "Friday" rang through the halls.
by Skilljoy March 29, 2011
In rare cases, The Black Plague has been known to be a fast, strong, and ridiculously evil looking beast. It can strike fear in people, just by the sight of it. It's ability to deminish all sense of pride, is known to be extremely contagious. Approach with caution.
Man1- "Wow that guy looks so sad and down, what happend"
Man2 - "He ran across The Black Plague"
by sammyg31 February 05, 2010
an illness where one listens to "Friday" by Rebecca Black and the song is forever looped in their mind. Highly contagious
Guy 1 :"Man, I've got a bad case of the black plague"
Rebecca Black: "THIS WORLD SHALL BE MINE!!!"
by sahgdzhsjc March 26, 2011
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