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Originated from My Chemical Romance's album title and video clip "Welcome To The Black Parade", "the Black Parade" means "life after death" or "death" or anything similar to it. Therefore, the phrase "Join the Black Parade" means "to die".
"She joined the Black Parade last night"
Meaning: "She died last night"

"I wanna join the Black Parade"
Meaning: " I wanna die"

"See you in the Black Parade!"
Meaning: "See you in life after death!"

MCR rocks my world!! Give a cheer to all the broken!!

P/S: Gerard's smile is heavenly but Gerard's hair is fatal.
Anyway, he still got the good looks.
by heleyna-ardie-beena October 16, 2006
1. Critically aclaimed thrid album by N.J band My Chemical Romance. It's a bit good. A bit very good. Seriously,think Aerosmith singing political folk songs written by Anne Rice and you're not even half way there. But,heck,it is good!
2.Can also refer to the army of seemingly identical My Chemical Romance fans:they all sport black hair,red ties and tight pants. Bless 'em.
1. "I LOVE The Black Parde. Let's call it emo hair metal!"
"Oh no,The Black Parade!" I squealed upon noticing the gang of MCR loving teenagers marching towards me "They might steal my eyeliner!"
"Quick,hide!" shouted my friend. "They'll kill us,we're wearing Mudhoney shirts!"
Unfortunatley,I lost my leg and best friend that day,as The Black Parade tore her (and my leg) to pieces,saying they're Gods (ie: Gerard Way and co.) had told them to do it. It was an awful day.
by bandanasarerad October 22, 2006
A tumblr RP group that originated in April of 2011, consisting of eliandtheblackparade, theclare, theadamt, etc.
"Have you ever heard of The Black Parade?"
"Yeah, I have."
by Goldsworthy August 27, 2011
The third CD from the band My Chemical Romance
This CD gained many new fans for the band
This CD also lost many old fans
Now they are fucking emos
Which means they are sellouts
Many new fans doesn't even know that there are more than one CD from MCR..... sad, isn't it
Also the beginning of the poser movement
kasey: I love the black parade!!!
Old Fan: Cool, have you heard Head First For Halos?
kasey: What?
by No Name For Slot March 16, 2008