The act of placing two hands,palm to palm,inside an orifice,usually an anus or vagina,then pulling hands apart-while keeping fingertips touching.This motion when performed correctly,mimics the action of bellows being used on a fireplace.
I gave her the bellows for a treat last night.Being that she loves all forms of sexual humiliation,she asked for the bellows, and I obliged.
by Barsinister September 04, 2006
Top Definition
Colloquial name given to the giant sculpture of praying hands located at the entrance of Oral Roberts University's campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma by the university's students and detractors alike. The moniker references a particularly lewd sexual act.
On our way to watch the Golden Eagles play, we stopped by The Bellows.
by Dylan ***|Dashizz|*** September 22, 2009
Yet another act designed to share noxious butt gas (flatulence) with one's significant other (SO). It is comprised of multiple steps.

1) While your SO is in bed with you, tightly hold the covers close to you to create a good seal that will prevent noxious gases from coming out near you.

2) Let one go. Silent but deadly is better as everyone loves surprises.

3) Slowly use your foot to raise the covers at the far end of the bed.

4) Let your foot drop. If done properly, "The Bellows" should give your SO a nice blast of your most recent work while leaving you protected and laughing.

NOTE: Punches in the arm as well as the well earned title of "you asshole" are a likely result

This was inspired by the Dutch Oven
I gave my wife The Bellows last night. That's how her eyebrows got singed.
by Prof. Ass Master April 22, 2011
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