When a male masturbates in the shower and shortly after ejaculation lifts his penis into the upright position, so that water hits the head/hole of his penis, resulting in another more intense orgasm and urination into the air, thus resembling the look and feel of the finale for the Bellagio water show.
Whenever I have The Bellagio in the shower I always pass out before I can turn off the water.
by CaptainStickyHands July 07, 2014

5 Words Related to The Bellagio

When you rub your penis between lactating breasts and in the moment of ejaculation the breasts start shooting and both people start spitting up in the air like the fountains at the Bellagio.
Dude I titty fucked that newborn MILF and we rocked out the Bellagio!
by fountain master June 15, 2010

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