Technically speaking, the idiots above are somewhat correct. The Beatles were a middle man in influencing modern rock, albiet a very important middle man. Early blues musicians from America were the true influential backing for most of the 60's and 70's. BUT, the Beatles were the first band to truly take the bluesy sound and transform it into what we see as modern rock. you can even track this progression through their discography, each album growing more like rock, and with a more bluesy background. Now the persons above do not seem to realize just how pivotal a role this was. No one had ever before done anything like this. This paved the way for such groups as the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and the like. The Beatles music in general may be slightly overated (although i do not belive so) BUT the musical importance of it is in NO way overated, it was such an enormously pivotal role in the transition from early rock to what is now called modern rock it is hard to imagine what would be considered modern rock if fate had not brought together some of the most musically talented individuals the 60's, or the 20th century for that matter, saw.
Backwoods guitar to Blues to The Beatles to Rock, yes, evolution does in fact exist.
by Nathan Wilken October 08, 2007
Four of the biggest shaggers in history.
person 1: My grandma said she had sex with all for of the beatles back in '64
person 2: well duh.
by paul_mcsuckmydick December 05, 2010
An English band that was around during the British invasion. At first they made poppy music. What they musically contributed to the world of music was not their style, but experimenting. They were the first pop group to experiment.

They can't be the best band ever because there is no best band ever. They may be your favorite band but that doesn't mean they're the best band ever. Because music is entirely subjective.

People tend to exaggerate their influence. People say they influenced everything. Not true. They influenced musicians in a way to think outside the box and do something new. No bands really derived from their sound, but how they constantly did something different and weren't afraid to.

The music the hipsters listen to would have existed without The Beatles. The Beatles main influence was in the field of Rock, particularly in the sub-genres of Experimental, and Psychedelic.

Mainstream music is Pop-Punk, R&B, Electronic, Rap, and mixtures of those styles.

The Beatles had a strong influence on music, but only on some of the biggest sub-genres of Rock at the time. As I mentioned above, Experimental and Psychedelic.

They had no influence on Punk which inspires a lot of Rock today.
The Beatles are a very influential band, but not influential to all music.
by joe725 February 13, 2008
The most overrated band of all time. Sure, they were influential, you can't deny that, but their music is not as great as everyone makes it out to be. They do have a couple great songs (including Come Together, If I Fell, and I Saw Her Standing There), but it's not like all of them are fucking gifts from God, which is what is widely believed.
Mike: The Beatles are fucking GODLIKE!

Steve: Dude, their incredibly overrated.

Mike: Shut up, you're just a 13 year old that doesn't know what the hell he's talking about!
by Prof. Goldman February 21, 2010
An arse kicking band from Liverpool who wrote brilliant songs and had cool hair. The band consisted of George, John, Paul and Ringo.
John Lennon and Ringo Star are dead, but that's okay because George is my favourite Beatle.

The greatest Beatle song is probably either Blackbird or Yellow Submarine.
by WrestlesWithHobbits January 16, 2005
A decent and very influential rock band from the 1960s. Although good and revoloutionary to the music industry, they are overrated to an extent. No, this is not coming from a "Linkin Park brainwashed fag". I don't even listen to Linkin Park or any other Nu-Metal.
Billy- The Beatles are good, but not as good as everyone thinks.

Joe- HOW DARE YOU SPEAK SUCH BLASPHEMY! *Pulls out magnum, shoots Billy needlessly*
by Rabid Gerbil June 08, 2005
The most overrated band in history.
40+ years of people obsessing over them, when they're really not that good. All of their songs follow the same formula and are overplayed. Plus kids think they're so special and unique if they say they like The Beatles.

Please! Get over it!
by rachaelwithana September 05, 2007

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