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The best band to ever grace this Earth.

you who haven't heard them, go buy Abbey Road or Magical Mystery Tour. your ears will have many orgasms.
Paul, John, George, and Ringo made up The Beatles!!!
We love you!
by keeeeeeeeli May 08, 2008
36 24
the greatest band EVER!!! and if you don't think so you can go fuck yourself
some of my favorite songs by the beatles (in no particular order) please please me, hard days night, come together, revolution, here comes the sun, you never give me your money, paperback writer, help, yesterday, all you need is love, love me do, penny lane, strawberry fields forever, we can work it out, hey jude, taxman, day tripper, something, helter skelter, back in the ussr, and many many many many many many more
by guitarist1 November 19, 2006
57 45
The best band in the history of the world. Bigger than Jesus.
There should be a religion based on the Beatles
by Conley November 10, 2007
52 41
Ass-kicking band from Liverpool in the 60s. Best (or my favorite) songs are Hey Jude, With A Little Help From My Friends, I Am the Walrus, Yellow Submarine, Let It Be, Across the Universe, Come Together, Get Back, Yesterday, and their cover of Twist n Shout!

Members are Paul McCartney (who is the sexiest man alive at the moment), John Lennon (who is just pure awesomeness), George Harrison <3, and Ringo Starr <3.

The Beatles-haters include:
-idiots who haven't even listened to a Beatles song in their life but don't like them because they're 'old'.
-metal heads who don't like them because you can actually understand what they're saying
-'gangstas' who don't like them because they don't talk about fucking a bunch of hoes
-emos who don't like them because...well, what DO emos like?

So yeah, in conclusion, the Beatles rock very hard and Beatles-haters fail very hard.
I wore a shirt that says "The Beatles" and has cartoons of all the members on it to school today, and at least five girls gave me strange looks, probably because I drew hearts around Paul's face.
by in love with macca March 12, 2010
35 26
A death sentence to any idiots who have the retartedness to walk up to people and go "lolz the beatles suckzz tards lolz"
Warning; Killing idiots like that is legal in around...49 states, cause theres nothing in Idaho but potatoes and North and South Dakota FINALLY settled their differnces and became one state. (Total population of the Dakota? Four.)
Biker One: I like the earlyBeatles songs better.
Biker two; No, I don't think so man.
Biker One: My turn Larry.
*Puts boot through head*
by manicalhippieboy February 12, 2008
28 19
One of the greatest things ever to happen in the music world. With their superb songwriting and singing skills, The Beatles left a mark in music history that will last forever.
The Beatles are awesome!!!!
by Badfinger_Boogie January 02, 2007
35 27