the beatles are and always will be the best. they were super talented and don't let anyone tell you that the media overrated them. the media does that to everything. i usually respect other people's opinions, but not on this. when you think about it, they influeced everyone. in one way or another. i won't lash out on linkin park fans, but i will on green day fans. i'm a middle schooler who used to like green day, until i got sgt. pepper. so i threw away american idiot and got hooked on sgt pepper. after that i got the white album. really a great album, although the second disc isn't that great. unlike green day the beatles had MEANINGFUL lyrics (but i'm not sure if why don't we do it in the road is exactly meaningful). they also had great music. so what if their later stuff was drug influenced. they did that to expand their mind, and weren't like, "give me a joint the size of a car or i'll kill you," (well maybe john lennon). just to clarify george harrison was the LEAD guitarist. not rythem. the beatles are: paul mccarntey (bassist, sometimes guitarist, lead singer on his songs and songwriter with lennon. still alive) john lennon (rythm guitarist, singer on his songs and songwriter with mccarntey. shot 5 times by some nut in new york in 1980. he died 100 years too young) george harrison (my fav beatle. lead guitarist singer on his songs and i guess some of lennon/mccartney's but im not sure. by far the cutest beatle. was really nice and liked the sitar as shown on within you without you and others. after the beatles he did the concert for bangladesh, to help bangladesh, and was the producer on some of the monty python movies. died in 2001 after battling cancer. he too died 100 years too young) ringo starr (real name richard starky, drummer and wrote like 2 songs. sang a few of lennon/mccartney's. really good drummer and the most underestimated beatle. he will live forever)
green day fan: i love green day i'm going to dye my hair black and get tattoos on my dick. the beatles suck cos they don't have tattoos or died black hair.
beatle fan 1: so what? its not the hair or tattoos that matter, its the music.
beatle fan 2: i agree.
green day fan: well green day has way better music than the beatles.

beatle fans 1 and 2 with their friends beatles fans 3 and 4 torture green day fan, kill him, bring him back to life, and kill him again.
by shorty101 June 03, 2007
The greatest band in the world. By a fucking country mile. Ignore those lame-ass people that say they're overrated. For ten straight years, they made kick-ass music and every one of their albums must be in any music lover's collection

John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr
The Beatles > j00
by place pigalle October 15, 2006
The Beatles created many sales records and charted more than fifty top 40 hit singles. They were the first British band to achieve major ongoing success in the United States, scoring twenty-seven #1 hits in the USA & UK alone, becoming the biggest musical act of the twentieth century. EMI estimated in 1985 that the band had sold over one billion records worldwide. Their ballad "Yesterday" sung by Paul McCartney (though always officially credited as a band recording written by Lennon-McCartney); is the most-covered song in the history of recorded music (about 2,500 versions of it exist).

Their earliest compositions were mainly rock&roll or R&B-rooted pop songs with the occasional ballad. But they grew increasingly eclectic as composers, arrangers and performers over the years. They composed songs and arranged them in a wide array of musical styles occasionally fusing genres. The constant factor in the vast majority of their songs was their focus on melody. Despite the wide array of musical styles utilised, Beatles recordings were readily identifiable because of their distinctive vocals. In addition to their core pop and rock styles, The Beatles' canon included songs flavoured with folk, country, rockabilly, blues, soul, doo-wop and many other musical genres. They were also pioneers of new musical directions such as psychedelia (Strawberry Fields Forever) and hard rock ("Helter Skelter," Revolution). Their use of chamber and baroque orchestrations (scored by producer George Martin) on recordings such as Yesterday, Eleanor Rigby, In My Life and For No One was another first in contemporary popular music.

They also pioneered many innovative production techniques and their epoch-making 1967 LP Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is often cited as one of the first concept albums. Their clothes, hairstyles and choice of musical instruments made them trendsetters throughout the decade; their growing social awareness, reflected in the development of their music, saw their influence extend far beyond the music scene into the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s; and their enduring popularity with successive generations of both fans and musicians has cemented their reputation for being some of the most influential music artists of all time. The group disbanded in 1970 amid much strife. Thirty-five years later, in 2005, the American entertainment industry magazine Variety named them the most iconic entertainers of the 20th century.
The Beatles, George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr
by John Gates April 05, 2006
The Greatest Band Ever. Their Influence can not be understated or fully comprehended. You can not say what they did for music was bad. Their contribution was like inventing the wheal - no one can say they don't appreciate it.
Not only were they the most influential band by far they are also still fun to listen to today and will be forever.
There are two types of people in this world - those who LOVE The Beatles and those who degrade The Beatles because they've never listened to them/given them a chance.
by sevenththing August 18, 2008
The Beatles were and still are the absolute best band out there. Nobody would be anywhere without them and their music. Easily the most important music in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. There will never be another Beatles. I don't care if you don't like them, but appreciate what they did for music.
Beatle Fan: The Beatles own you
Stupid teenager: Dashboard is so much better!
Beatle Fan: If the Beatles and Dashboard played to see who was better, Dashboard would lose and end up crying their fairy emo asses off in their rooms.
by guitar November 01, 2006

they have the most covered song in history "Yesterday".

They have like 5 songs on the top 10 greatest rock songs of all time list and like 5 albums on that list

Lennon/McCartney are the most successful composers of all time

all you people (mainly teenagers) who refuse to listen to them, but say theyre bad should do some research because most of your "alternative" music wouldnt be around with out them

heres a hint, try listening to them, you will change your mind
I am, he is, you are, he is, you are me and we are all together...

~I am the walrus
The Beatles
by hbriggely November 25, 2007
If you wanna definition of the Beatles, just get a dictionary. Look under "awesome".
Waste of a Life: The Beatles are gay fags, they suck.

Me: What do you like, stupid dick, Linkin Park?

Waste of a Life: Yeah, they rock.

Me: Stupid @!#$

Waste of a Life: What?

Me: pull out machine gun Nothing.

I proceed to spray Waste of a Life with bullets. His head implodes into a medley of red gore and flesh (no brain, unsurprisingly). I take his Linkin Park CDs and burn them with a match. I play "Sgt. Pepper" really loud, and watch the REAL "gay fag" music burn.
by J Kode May 16, 2008
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