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the beatles are and always will be the best. they were super talented and don't let anyone tell you that the media overrated them. the media does that to everything. i usually respect other people's opinions, but not on this. when you think about it, they influeced everyone. in one way or another. i won't lash out on linkin park fans, but i will on green day fans. i'm a middle schooler who used to like green day, until i got sgt. pepper. so i threw away american idiot and got hooked on sgt pepper. after that i got the white album. really a great album, although the second disc isn't that great. unlike green day the beatles had MEANINGFUL lyrics (but i'm not sure if why don't we do it in the road is exactly meaningful). they also had great music. so what if their later stuff was drug influenced. they did that to expand their mind, and weren't like, "give me a joint the size of a car or i'll kill you," (well maybe john lennon). just to clarify george harrison was the LEAD guitarist. not rythem. the beatles are: paul mccarntey (bassist, sometimes guitarist, lead singer on his songs and songwriter with lennon. still alive) john lennon (rythm guitarist, singer on his songs and songwriter with mccarntey. shot 5 times by some nut in new york in 1980. he died 100 years too young) george harrison (my fav beatle. lead guitarist singer on his songs and i guess some of lennon/mccartney's but im not sure. by far the cutest beatle. was really nice and liked the sitar as shown on within you without you and others. after the beatles he did the concert for bangladesh, to help bangladesh, and was the producer on some of the monty python movies. died in 2001 after battling cancer. he too died 100 years too young) ringo starr (real name richard starky, drummer and wrote like 2 songs. sang a few of lennon/mccartney's. really good drummer and the most underestimated beatle. he will live forever)
green day fan: i love green day i'm going to dye my hair black and get tattoos on my dick. the beatles suck cos they don't have tattoos or died black hair.
beatle fan 1: so what? its not the hair or tattoos that matter, its the music.
beatle fan 2: i agree.
green day fan: well green day has way better music than the beatles.

beatle fans 1 and 2 with their friends beatles fans 3 and 4 torture green day fan, kill him, bring him back to life, and kill him again.
by shorty101 June 03, 2007
A band from Liverpool, England in the 60's who were extremely infuential to modern music and "rock and roll."

With hits such as Hey Jude, Yesterday, Day Tripper, Come Together, Yellow Submarine, Blackbird, Sergeant Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band, and countless others, they are idolized and covered more than any other band in history.

Paul, John, Ringo & George - We love you!
I just bought the Abbey Road CD by The Beatles - it r0x0rz j00r b0x0rz.
by Mangledbabyducks May 30, 2003
Best Band in the world.
The Beatles were the best band ever!
by Apul January 19, 2003
OK, The Beatles kick some serious ass. I'm gonna use a quote from the ultra Styrocen here:
"The most over-rated band on Earth. Seen as kinda cute by chicks in the 60's b/c they wore matching clothes. But the media blew it all out of proportion. Now, the new generation is raised, blindly beleiving that the Beatles changed history, because it was beaten into them."
Hahahahaha, this comming from the kid who likes Linkin Park. Oh look at me, I'm the guitarist from Linkin Park, I can play two chords and call it a song! And I don't know how to solo, thus I should just ram this guitar up my ass to make the world a better place. And yeah yo, we need two singers, wait we need a singer and an "emcee" yo. See, that craptastic emcee in Linkin Park is a waste of space. I could go on, but this is a definition of the Beatles.
The Beatles kick ass. It's funny to think how we listen to Yellow Submarine in kindergarten, when in reality all four of the Beatles we're high as shit when they wrote it. But that's ok, because unlike now, drugs wern't used to be cool, but to expand your mind (aka Jerry Garcia.) The best Beatles album is Abbey Road, with the White Album a close second. And I'm sure if you faggy "nu metal" kids would think the Beatles were more hardcore if you saw the original cover of the White Album.
Anyways, no band of today can stand up to the Beatles. Not your carppy emo bands who sing on their acoustic guitars about who their girlfriends left them, or those shit eating "rap rock" bands who try to be original and mix crappy rock with crappy rap!
In conclusion, Styrocen, don't speak ill of the Beatles again until you listen to their music and/or realize what real music is.
nu metal faggot: Man, I hate the Beatles cuz they don't scream or play anything hard and don't worship the dark lord Satan or eat babies.

me: Yes, you need to listen to Helter Skelter, cuz that song kicks ass.

at this point I begin beating up the faggy nu metal kids until they realize they have wasted their life listening to bad music.
by James February 24, 2004
The most popular and best-selling band in the world, even 30 years after they broke up.
Frequently dismissed by 13-year-olds as "old" and "over-rated", until they actually hear them for the first time.
Abbey Road is a famous Beatles CD.
by Yoko Nono June 06, 2003
The band that all the "punk" kids like to bash as "sissy" or "gay." What they don't realize is that without The Beatles, the bands they listen to now would never even be around.
-The Beatles are stupid and their music sucks
-I'm going to kill you
by tintle September 06, 2004
you cannot deny quality. The Beatles is the grandest band in existence, and will forever be so. and for those who think otherwise... well, they should be fucked in the ass with pineapples.
"and in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make."
by pipi December 01, 2003
Greatest Band Ever.
Fronted by John Lennon (or Paul McCartney, depending on who you ask.)
Came about in 1960 or so, switching drummers til they picked up Ringo Starr.
Usually insulted by today's ignorant youth. The same ignorant ones that say Linkin Park are musical gods. Pfft.
Guy 1: The Beatles are the best band ever!
Guy 2: I like the White Album!
Guy 3: They suck!
*Guy 1 and 2 kick the crap out of Guy 3*
by SuperSonicX August 19, 2004