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Hideous, lingering body odor.
The beast strikes again!
by Genku July 29, 2003
9 18
Simply: Milwaukee's Best Beer;
A futuristic, time-warping beer characterized by tasting as if it were already the next morning after a night of binge beer drinking and sleeping with your mouth wide open all the night long. Also discernable as being very affordable to unemployed high school students on $10.00 a week allowances in the 1980's. Certainly a play on the beer's monikor of 'Best'.
Me: What are we drink'n?
Mike: The BEEAAST!
--Mike K. and I, New Orleans, late 1980's
by Heurisko December 05, 2004
214 39
Milwaukee's Best Lite
Dude, don't be drinking The Beast, get some quality shit please.
by S1r Hax September 24, 2003
65 37
A term used to describe an old beat up car that is way past its prime.
There goes "The Beast" chugging down the road.
by James1745 June 29, 2010
13 5
A rather scary character. Usually a father, who screams and swears and abuses everyone.
I'm not going to Keir's house, his dad is the beast.
by Dooooochiepoo October 26, 2013
4 0
Definition of any crazy, psycho mother.
We can't go there. His mom's The Beast.
by light23 February 28, 2010
17 15
The shits, in a can
Man, I drank the beast last night and now I can't get of the hopper.
by Laxin MoFo June 02, 2004
18 22
The anti-christ, who will be identified by having a 666 birthmark, as predicted in the book of revelations.

Also, morning wood
Woe to you O earth and sea, the devil sends the beast with wrath, for he knows the time is short. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
72 76