a 7o's reference to Castro, the communist leader of Cuba by the movie 'ScareFace'
"are we going to take a wack at the Beard?" 'ScareFace'
by dan westrum August 01, 2006
Top Definition
A facial accessory that instantly makes its bearer infinitely more metal and manly. This is especially true if one has had a beard since very early, ie. since they were thirteen. Beards tend to house hidden limbs and perhaps have a life of their own. The most famous example of this caliber of facial hair is Chuck Norris.
Don't fuck with Rob, he's had the beard since he was thirteen. It doesn't matter what music he plays, it's more metal than you. Always.

His beard goes clubbing every night after he goes to sleep and comes back in the morning to wake him up.
by bringyourguns543 July 24, 2009
Partner to the haggard beast, rat boy, and slut bitch, has a massive beard and is tight as an untouched pussy
The Beards Comong to visit, RUN!!!!! or Cheers For That £5 birthday present, ye bearded one
by poosemon August 02, 2003
The beard is the ring of brown resin that stains the glass.

Letting the Resin of your water pipe/bong cake up right above the water level.
Ya the bongs pretty dirty Ill clean/shave the beard next month
by tommorgan November 20, 2010
to lick a Vagina out. the definition derives from going down on a bird, and her vagina lips are covered in hair, hence a similar sight to a mans face and facial hair
'Gees Schwerdty i heard you put the beard that bird, last night how was it?'
by Choppin Grove March 12, 2009
when you shave your genitalia and then get a blowjob and climax all over her cheek and then throw the shaved hair at her thus stickin to the baby batter.
Wow Bob...your wife has a better beard than mine.
by dizzzog November 08, 2003
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