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A nickname given to Judges in the distant past.

"During the bubonic plague, judges visiting prisons used to wear primitive gasmasks, stuffed with herbs or spices thought to ward off the plague - since it looked like a beak... they were referred to as "going before the beak" as they were never seen without it."
"A beak's a magistrate, where have you been all your life?" - The Artful Dodger on The Beak Oliver! movie 1968
by LongJohnSlither May 27, 2009
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Bigger than a finger, smaller than a fist! Ergo: to clasp ones fingertips in a pointed fashion, with the fingers fully extended thereby creating the shape of a birds beak. eg Emu/Ostrich
A finger was not enough for her, and a fist was too much, so instead I pleasured her with THE BEAK.
by clemstar October 25, 2008
A hard piece in a chicken nugget from McDonalds. It is a tough piece of tissue that is inside of the nugget. It is disgusting.
Guy to Friends: "DUDE! I Just got The Beak in my nugget!"
Reply From Friends: "Ewwww"
by Matt St.Matticus February 21, 2008
An unbetable fearse creature when it comes to talking. This creature poseses the power to keep talking at all times. It will help punk Jorhoes at any time a Jorhoe attacks verbaly.
The Beak attacked a Jorhoe verbaly a week before he was fired
by JFP PRODUCTIONS July 20, 2003

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