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The act of a man or a woman kneeling behind one man with either the left or right cheek of the kneeler's face against the buttocks of the "Barbarottaee", the man receiving the act. The person kneeling, then extends their arm between the legs of the receiver. The performer then flex their arm, as if pumping their bicep in an exercise, while gripping the man's penis with a reverse grip (see "foreign stranger").

The "Barbarottor" then extends and flexes their biceps, in the exercising motion and maintaining perfect form, until the "Barbarottee" has ejaculated or 5 Reps of 10 are reached. If the performer completes their sets before the receiver is satisfied, the performer then rotates and get their "burn" on with their other arm.

Once ejaculated, the semen may or may not be used as a protein supplement.
Bodybuilder 1 "Dude, I got my burn on so hard last night! My biceps are super pumped!!"

Bodybuilder 2 "Really?!? What did you do?"

Bodybuilder 1 "I performed the Barbarotta on this douche bag for half an hour straight last night! I am sooo pumped!! And he only charged me $10 for the session!"
by ThaMain1 September 30, 2013

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