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Located in Pentre in the Rhondda Valleys The Banc is the only place to be seen if you are a Chav, steroid freak or a slut who fancies getting drunk and a quick fuck in the back of some boy racers Corsa. Not much dancing is done as the floor is so sticky from spilled pints of bow, blood from the endless fights and man butter from all the drunk horny men all chasing the one girl that's turned up that no one can move their feet. Fancy a line of coke? Pop to the toilets there's always someone in there doing a line so big that even Charlie Sheen would be proud! Visit if you dare!
Wow that was an eye opener! Never going to The Banc again! Some steroid freak tried to rip my face off for spilling his pint of bow.
by NastyPasty January 10, 2013
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