Well known verbal abbreviation of the word "bitch", but also a highly efficient financial management system called "The B Word" with the B meaning budget. http://www.thebword.com
Are you afraid of The B Word?
by Lee February 26, 2005
Top Definition
1.) a non profane way of saying bitch
2.) a phrase used to refer to any words starting with b to indicate a stronger connotation
3.) in the context of an airport of any government security checkpoint, the b word can and does refer to bomb
dude! tommy just got pulled out and arrested for saying the b word!
no! bomb! it was at the airport!
oh shit...
by UM North Quad March 06, 2011
usually used to abbreviate the word bitch to avoid profanity, this expression can also be used by non-committals in reference to avoidance of the term boyfriend. Used in this way emphasizes word boyfriend as being more difficult to say than the word bitch, which if your a bit of a commitmentphobe who is hard-pressed for a relationship commitment is quite likely.
"I'm finally getting comfortable using The B Word "
"No… Boyfriend"
by pnuria February 02, 2011
Short for "Ba." It's when something is so badass that the truncated form of badass (ba) isn't even applicable. It has to be only uttered as "The B Word"
Man, it was The B word.
by Gotcha November 25, 2004
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