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An alternate world where an everlonging circus takes place, fueled by a psychedlelic atmosphere where the conductors inform you about their goals. They only aim to please its visitors, and when the show is almost over, you're guarenteed to ask them from more. The American Metaphysical Circus is hosted by The United States Of America, and will serve you with pleasure and pain. Or in other words, a world of colours and dreams.
Man 1: "I tripped out to The American Metaphysical Circus. I was surrounded by strange sounds and instruments, and in the center of my mind, they were torturing a bear."

Man 2: "Whoa man, sounds strange, how much does it cost?"

Man 1: "The cost of one admission is your mind."

Man 2: "hmm." (walks away)
by Metaphyscial September 18, 2010