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When a girl passes out drunk, and you shave off all the hair on her head (this may be tougher on girls with facial hair) and jizz all over her bald head, Like a bald eagle, Madjestic in every way.
Me and Larry gave a girl The American eagle at D-mans party and ruined her life! It took her months to grow all that hair back!
by Philopean September 11, 2006

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When a man and his girlfriend buy a pound of butter and butter up the floor. Then they strip and the girl lies down spread out like an eagle, while the guy takes a running start and slides into her. Often, bacon grease is substituted with butter to make it more "american".
Billy: Dude, I gave Trixy The American Eagle last night!

Bob: Did you miss like last time? I'd hate to be the doctor that has to straighten your dick every time you do this.

Billy: Hell no! It was great! I even ate the butter after we were done!
by jdcotter32 April 26, 2014