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A band from TX that plays classic rock and kicks ass. Made up of two friends, one of which rips out blues-based solos and plays drums, and the other which plays solid rhythm guitar and writes good lyrics. Comparison to The Age Of Reason is very favorable. Often abbreviated informally as TAOR (pron. like "tower" with a more pronounced "ao" sound, similar to Taos, NM, in speech).
Person 1: Did you go to The Age Of Reason concert the other night?

Person 2: No, I heard it was awesome. I know the last TAOR concert we went to totally kicked so much ass!

Person 1: Yeah, they played 3 songs and just jammed the rest of the set. Bostain did an 18-minute solo, and Swanson managed to start a glowring war like Phish.

Person 2: Yeah, I've seen them do a 35-minute version of "Cowgirl In The Sand" by Neil Young. He kicks ass too. I heard TAOR and Crazy Horse were supposed to tour North America next year.

Person 1: Sweet! I can't miss that!
by D. Swanson July 31, 2006
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