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A game originating in Aberdeen Scotland in which 4 or more people stand in a circle and throw a football (soccerball to you Americans) or a beach ball to each other. If someone fails to catch the ball when it is thrown to them then they have to stand on one leg and hop while trying to catch it the next time it is thrown to them. If the person fails to catch the ball a second time, they then have to hop and use only one arm to catch the ball. Every time the ball is dropped the "dropper" makes the game more difficult for themselves (see list below). This game can take AGES to play and can be shortened by removing steps 5, 6, 11 and 12. The ball should not be thrown maliciously, and if anyone is ruled to have thrown a "foul ball" (too far to one side or aiming for an "inappropriate area") then they are punished by moving on one step. E.g. if still in starting position they shall move onto standing on one leg using both hands as if they had dropped the ball once themselves).

Start: standing, both arms
1st drop: standing on one leg using both hands
2nd drop: standing on one leg using one hand
3rd drop: kneeling, using both hands
4th drop: kneeling using one hand
5th drop: sitting (legs stretched out in front), using both hands
6th drop: sitting (legs stretched out in front), using one hand
7th drop: sitting (cross legged) using both hands
8th drop: sitting (cross legged) using one hand
9th drop: lying on back, using both hands
10th drop: lying on back using one hand
11th drop: lying on front using both hands
12th drop lying on front using one hand
13th drop: out
Oh my goodness at my friends party we were pissed so we decided to play the ace amazing ball game and it took us like 7 hours to get one person out.
by AndyMac January 14, 2009
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