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The 407 is no myth at all. It is actually a real place in Pheasant Run Crossing in Blacksburg, Va. The 407 was taken over by a small group of alcohol induced elitists (for multiple years) that were known for their hardcore parties among many other shenannagins that include such things as random hookups that could have possibly involved your girlfriend. As of 2007, the 407 officially split up and the previous tenants have parted ways and gone on to bigger and better things like a real job. Or grad school. Or staying in Blacksburg for your 7th (or so) year of undergrad. A 407 reunion will occur randomly one day and will probably lead to the arrest of one or more of the previous tenants.

The previous celebrity tenants include: Neely, Winkler, dIRK, KY, and Wheeler.

Also, see definition for "Awesome".
People in the 406: Hi. I would like to file a noise complaint. My neighbors are having a party and it's just way too loud.
The Police: Ok, where do you live?
People in the 406: Pheasant Run Crossing apartment 406.
The Police: The noise wouldn't be coming from The 407, would it?
People in the 406: Yes it would. I appreciate you coming.
The Police: Oh, sorry. That's THE 407. We won't be coming. I suggest you move.
by Another Concerned Citizen April 08, 2008

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