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The 3 F's created by Yuri Dahli as a tagg expression.

Three things you must be in life...
1.) Fierce
2.) Fabulous
3.) Ferocious
"That girl is doing it up, totally the 3 F's..."

"Those shoes are fierce, fabulous and ferocious!"
by Miss Dahli September 23, 2008
Find em, Fuck em, Forget em
Example of the 3 F's at work:

Find beezy, fuck beezy, forget beezy.
by Only1Tyler February 09, 2011
The 3 things a woman is looking for in "buddy"

1. Feed

2. Finance

3. Fuck
Girl 1: He take care of the 3 F's so it's all good

Girl 2: What's the 3 F's

Girl 1: Feed, finance, and fuck me
by MFT10 October 15, 2011