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Theory identifying the cause of a consistent, vague odour of fecal matter i.e. absolute shit, in some.
The theory states: initially, said person, has failed to properly wipe their crack fully, thus leaving remnants of shit (dingleberries). With strenuous activity and/ or heat, sweat develops within the ass crack. This sweat mixes with the now encrusted and dried fecal matter, bringing it back to life, creating a noxious fume- comparable to shitting your pants.

Proposed in 2006.
Turdpreet: 'Yo, geeza, I swear i can smell shit ya' know; like full on shit!'

Shitinderpal: 'Yeh geez, me too. I smell it all the time in this lesson, it's probably (insert name here), 'cus he's so fat- he properly can't wipe his arse properly!'

Turdepreet: 'Oh yeah, that's a good point, that ties in nicely with the 'crack sweat' theorem (2006). That explains it!'

Shitinderpal: 'Oi (insert name here) you fat twat, go wipe your bumhole son, you need some bleach in there, smells like hardcore shit!'
by Anonymous Bosch March 05, 2012