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When one person, or a small group of people, abuse or break a code, rule, or law, which in turn ruins privileges for everyone, both directly and indirectly involved. Shoplifting, unnecessary texting and phone calls while driving, and people making bombs out of their fucking shoes on airplanes cause the rest of us to suffer on a daily basis from The ‘Casual Friday’ Effect.
Example 1: From The Office episode “Casual Fridays.”

Toby: “Casual Fridays are canceled… There’s not a single appropriate outfit in this whole (office) except mine, quite honestly.”

Toby canceled Casual Fridays after Meredith wore a dress that was too small, exposing her breast (and then some) when Toby suggested ‘pulling it down a touch.’

Example 2:

Girlfriend: “What took you so long?”
Boyfriend: “Ugh. I had to buy refills for my MACH3 Turbo.”
Girlfriend: “I know, right? I usually have to wait about fifteen minutes for someone to unlock the case at Target when I need more Britney SpearsCurious. Damn The 'Casual Friday' Effect!”
by marshmallowgirl May 01, 2009

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