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Possibly one of the greatest kiss ideas ever contrived. If one's boyfriend/girlfriend gets cold easily, and you happen to notice this while holding their hand during a romantic excursion, proceed to inquire whether they are cold. If the answer is yes, proceed to kissing them on the line of the jaw near their ear. Rinse and repeat as you kiss them on the cheek , jaw, and neck, all the while progressively getting closer to their lips. Kiss them with as much skill as you possess in a romantic way without going into full make-out mode. Once done, ask them "Sooo, are you cold now?". Congradulations, you've just executed the cutest kiss on the planet. All standard issue procedures such as a breath mint, good atmosphere, etc. still apply.
OMG! my boyfriend just did The "Are You Cold?" Kiss on me! it was soooooooooo cute. he's the most thoughtful boyfriend ever
by ec1ip7ic November 11, 2007
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