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there is no way
beedon - i fucked the hottest girl in school

girvin - thayers
by ImSoFresh December 29, 2010
Interjection; Short for there's no way. Impossible. Improbable. No way that happened. Used in disbelief or shock.
THAYERS DUDE! I told you to be here hours ago!
by mr thayers September 15, 2010
The definition of a rebel or a bad boy

It comes from the arabic word - 'thoura' which means up-riser
Person A: look at me, i'm smoking a cig!
Person B: dude you're not Thayer
by TutsiDaisi December 16, 2009
Huge bombs. Gazongas. Rack o'heaven.
Did you see the thayers on that one? They're huge!
by Danny Noonan November 27, 2005