Only the most annoying prep school on the south shore. Filled with hockey playing jocks, who actually are so preppy to begin with that they wear khaki's outside of school. Girls whose skirts can never ever be too short, not even when we can clearly see the outline of the bottom of your ass. Usually, we can see your whole ass. Not accepting at all. Mostly everyone is full of themselves and ignorant. Nobody is going to make it in the real world unless you're still living off your daddy's income. Extremely cliquey and sports oriented, if you don't do a sport, you suck! Everyone is closed-minded, and nobody is allowed to be different, or else you are cast off to the sides as "not cool enough."

We are too good to use the word snipe, so we decided that smoke would be what we would call it.

The so called popular kids are faker than barbies.

And the girls don't know how to sit properly in desks while wearing a skirt. PLEASE CLOSE YOUR LEGS. As much as you may think so, nobody wants to see that. Not even that cute hockey player that sits across from you.
you all just suck.
"thayer academy"
by notoneofthem May 18, 2009
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1) An ancient prep school in Braintree, Massachusetts that resembles Hogwarts on a winter's night;
2) A place where heatwaving, Nalgene bottles, upturned collars, Ugg boots, anything-but-hetero- sexual teachers, genious children, and money are all the rage.
1) Hey, it's 10:00 and I'm still here for Richins' play rehearsal, and I'm freezing my ass off. The tall, pointy towers and sketchy wooden doors kinda make this place look like a haunted school for wizard children;
2) I just turned my friend's bag inside out cuz I have nothing better to do, my water bottle is my best friend, my collar is so straight up I can touch it with my tounge, my furry snow boots are my best friend from November to April, I must ponder the sexual orientation of most of my teachers, my friends and I get super-good grades cuz we're from wholesome families, I have incredible amounts of dough to squander on my bratty children because we are a wholesome family.
by anon June 27, 2004
Typical private school in Braintree, Ma; prison and meeting place for upper middle class white kids into drinking, drugs, sex, other illegal activities, and of course sports; girls worship the STD filled hockey boys, and boys chase after the skankiest underclassmen they can find; popular junior girls dress like they came straight out of the talbots catalog (not a good thing); the teachers can be cool, but most fall into the category of drug addicts, or dykes; their leader Mr. Clarke heads their nazi regime to braiknwash the youth of america and tourture those who try and be diffrent.
common TA phrases

"Omg his hockey mullet is soo hot."
"I love your sweater vest!, did u get it at talbots?"
"Man that weed made me thrirsty, pass my Nalgene water bottle."
by the plastics January 03, 2005
One of the best private schools south of Boston. Unlike other "elite" private schools they don't judge people based off of how much money they have or where they come from. Literally, this is the best school I have ever been to in my entire life (and I'm not a kid who started there in sixth grade either). While sports are big, and we get out at 1:30 on Wednesdays for game travel, arts are also a huge part of the curriculum. 90% of students participate in some form each year. Any student I've ever heard say they hate it was begging to come back two months after they graduated. While some students may be stuck up and mean, they are the exceptions. Both the students and faculty at Thayer Academy are caring and welcoming. I could not have a chosen a better high school.

Oh and why are all these other posts from 2005?
Thayer Academy has its little problems, but it's better than any other school south of Boston. Oh, and I dare you to find a dining hall that can even compare to Chef Doug's.
by ThayahGrad January 10, 2012
The home to many "pole up ass" teachers, some men, some women, and Mr. Dunne who we're not too sure about. The home to "collar up" pink shirt and kaki wearing bitches who prance around as if it were a dockers commercial. The home to several dealers of the power flower who find it amusing to rip off retards who dont know crap about the power flower to begin with (shhh! dont tell Fred!) The home to the largest percentage of caucasian white males in any school on the face of this earth. If Mao Zedong saw our school, he would bomb us within minutes. The home to several girls where the rules that apply are: The hotter and sluttier you are, the cooler you are and the higher chance you'll get to give steam to a hockey stud.
This is my home... and i want to shit terds on it
by VK January 04, 2005
Let me just say that everyone on this page is right, except for the one attempting to make fun of Tim Roche and Melch. You hockey players are just a bunch of AIDS-carrying 20 year olds that look to infect all incomming freshman.
Hockey = boooo
Beer = Yay!
by Coolio January 04, 2005
um i actually like the school. Not kidding. met some good friends there. :: ducks to avoid teh inevitable stones thrown at me::
Thayer is an ok place to go to school!
by annonomus February 10, 2005
The evil school where mrs t knows everything about you and your relationship
Me: Hey baby whant to hook up
Girlfriend: Sure lets go into bathroom
Mrs T: HEY CLICKS WHAT U DOIN WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND DURING MY STUDY HALL? This is thayer academy you should be respectful!!!
Me: (in my head) shut tha fuck up woman im about to scoooore
by Hello my name is nick May 01, 2011

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