He fools you once, you're mad. Fools you twice, how could he. Fools you three times and he's officially that guy, you know the one. He goes to the bar and he's like "This suit is officially Georgio Armani, my dad knows him", FUCK YOU. I AAAAAIIIIINN'T HAVIN THAT SHIT!
Nightshade is officially that guy
by Unknowni123 July 29, 2013
Term of brotherly advice, often given to oneself, to avoid acting like embarrassing dickwad as seen on YouTube or other social media.
“Did you see where Katherine Heigl’s husband got a tat with her zodiac sign and birthday?"

“Don’t be that guy.”

“Did you see where Rick Perry couldn’t count to three on the presidential debates?”

“Don’t be that guy.”
by Otisregrets November 24, 2011
A person who constantly ruins jokes by repeating them, especially inside jokes that they were not a part of. He also is annoying and made fun of behind his back by all his friends. He tries to do stuff outside of the box, but wants to make sure everyone knows he is doing it by informing them in great unnecessary detail that is not needed and laughs half of the time he is explaining his dumb ideas. He sometimes may also score the hottest girl at your school some how and no one knows why. He may also try to join groups of friends uninvited.
Cool guy, "Hey guys y'all want to hang out this weekend"

That guy, "Yeah I'll be there for sure!"
Cool guy;, "Well we were kinda wanting it to be like just a couple of guys"
That guy, "Yeah don't worry I'll be there"

That guy, "Your mom!"
Cool guy (under his breath looking at his friend peripherally), "That was cool in 6th grade.."
by Flipper Gong September 07, 2011
This is a person that is pretty much a sarcastic asshole and/or a slightly balding fuck. They try to make you laugh by tellin terrible jokes about some dead guy that nobody gives a flyin fuck about in the first place. They cant stop talking about needless things in life.
Q: Hey i am trying to think of a description for Mr. Griffin. Can you help me?
A: Yeah man thats easy. He is That Guy.
Q: Isn't that kinda harsh?
A: Nah man he meets the description perfectly.

Example #2

Trinite's are as a whole "that guy"
by NotThatGuy2015 January 14, 2011
"That Guy" is the guy that you know of, but do not know personally. You see him at the bowling alley every week and he is just the sliest old man you've ever met. That guy has bowled 300's on several occasion which makes you want to know him even more. He's an asshole and as much as you want to hate him you cant, because he's THAT GUY. Just when you think you've had enough of THAT GUY, he openly makes fun of a person you dislike and he draws you in even further.
Morgan Freeman: "Look, someone is about to bowl another 300 game!"
Edward Scissorhands: "It's THAT GUY! Man, I hate him"
Morgan Freeman: "No you don't"
Edward Scissorhands: "You're right, I love THAT GUY"
by Moe0618 October 09, 2012
In pretty much every country around the world where drinking alcohol is a cultural norm, every single social circle includes at least one person who becomes "that guy" (plural: "those guys").

We all know of whom I speak: The one friend who makes himself stand out in all the wrong ways. He always gets absolutely trashed, and makes a COMPLETE tit out of himself.
"Yeah, my friend Dom just got chucked out of the union for getting his knob out in the middle of the dance floor before unloading his stomach onto the floor"

"Shit. Doesn't sound good".

"Standard. He can generally always be counted upon to be That Guy".
by Zarathustratosphere June 26, 2011
Someone who goes for younger girls, most often occurs with a large age difference, Someone who is just known to be that guy.
Dylan: Who's that guy who's always creeping on the grade 9's.

Lachlan: Thats me, Im that guy.
by y.m.c.m.b February 25, 2011
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