2 words made famous by Ms Hilton
P:Who are your shoes by
S:Marc Jacobs
P:That's hot
by Emmi January 20, 2005
Made popular by Paris Hilton meaning "That's cool" "That's awesome" "That's nice" etc.
"Her cell phone has diamonds all over it! That's hot"
by Riff March 25, 2005
a hip phrase used to describe things, people, or situations for many reasons. Example: Interesting, funny, sexy, stupid, crazy, etc.
'I just got arrested.'
"that's hot."
by Carla August 06, 2004
Nicole- "What do you think of this purse?"

Paris- "Thats hot!"
by Ashlee G. June 23, 2005
It should be noted that Paris Hilton did not actually orginate the term, That's Hot. It was used in black urban areas before it became mainstream. As different cultures interact more and more, and with the prevelence of Hip-Hop, it can be easily seen (via celebrity photos and other media) that the likes of Paris Hilton are hobnobbing with those of Damon Dash and Jay-Z - hence, the possibility and probability of such slang rubbing off on Hilton. As she is in continuous spotlight with (suspected) limited vocabulary abilities, it makes sense that she would be assumed to have originated it, as it is all she seems to utter. But she is not original.
Yo, son, that's hot.

"See that new Monte Carlo, that's hot and on fire.." #1 Stunnas, -Big Timers, f/ Lil' Wayne, Juvenile

"This is Why I'm Hot.." - Mims
by izZm March 20, 2009
A sign of approval for anything. be it clothes women or an idea or a fantasy. best usage of this phrase in the awesome film eurotrip.
Scotty: mica's a girl
Cooper: he's the girl, your the girl, sometimes your both the girl. that's hot man.
by Jdawgthecool February 22, 2009
means something is cool, gorgeous.
friend - arr look at this top isn't it pink and pretty.
girl - arr thats hot :)
by hot hot hot October 20, 2009

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