a phrase by fen awesome Paris Hilton
girl 1: I just bought a shirt at hollister
girl 2 :thats hot
by goddess erin March 30, 2005
Top Definition
Phrase made famous by wold-renowned genius Paris Hilton. Sounds like the opposite of "That's cool" but means the same thing.
(Blasts Paris Hilton between the eyes with double-barrel shotgun)

"Now THAT'S hot, skank."
by Chernorizets Hrabr January 10, 2005
A phrased used since forever recently trademarked by Le Paris Hilton. It can be used in whatever situation, and it will always make sense.
Your grandma died.
That's hot.


Can you take out the garbage?

That's hot.

It lightens up the situation.
by Keke April 09, 2005
This phrase usually means "that's sexy" although it can also mean "that's cool."

In 2005, celebrity Paris Hilton began using "that's hot" as a catch phrase, increasing the popularity of the less common "that's cool" meaning.
The more traditional "sexy" meaning:
Chad: Check out my new miniskirt.
Derek: That's hot!

The recently popularized meaning:
Chad: Check out the celebrity phone numbers I downloaded from some the net. Some stupid famous chick had them on her mobile phone and they got stolen.
Paris: That's hot!
by Trudy Wower August 02, 2005
Simple Life 2--> Often said by Paris Hilton in a monotone voice meaning almost anything.
P:Where are you from?
P:Thats hot


P: What colour is your shirt
L: Green
P: Thats hot
by Krista June 25, 2004
A phrase made popular by Paris Hilton.
The phrase is used after basically any statement.
Used in everyday speech.
Jason: Look at those two chicks making out
Ryan: That's hot

Roxy: Like my new Gucci shades?
Lauren: That's hot

Random guy: I robbed a bank
Paris Hilton: That's hot

~ ;)
by ---anonymous August 29, 2006
a sarcastic reply, unserious version of paris' saying
person 1: i just stepped in a pile of dog crap
person 2: thats hot

person 1: he has a 3 inch dick
person 2:thats hot
by agnostic carebear May 29, 2005
Expression Popularized by Paris Hilton. Frequntly used by hipsters who should know better but are desperate to sound cool and cutting edge hip.
Adam: What do you think about this?
Levi: That's Hot.
Adam: What did you just say?
Levi: That's hot.

Levi: What was that for? That fucking hurt.
Adam: Eye gouging it the suitable punishment for saying "That's Hot".
You said it twice, therefore you are blind. Say it again and I get to kick you in the nads until you can't breathe. SAY IT AGAIN!!
by Sam Shade February 28, 2005
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