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Used to descibe an big woman, wether it be overweight or really tall.

Used in most Happy Madison production films (like both the Deuce Bigallows and The Hot Chick have that line). Happy Madison films are always funny, and contain Rob schinder and Adam Sandler, and a few others.
by Matrixxx November 07, 2005
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Common exclamation to indicate the presence of a severely overweight female. Probably originated from the movie "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo".
Announcer 1: "Today's WNFL game features the New York Lady Whales against the Philadelphia Cheese Hogs. The Whales, led by 6'4", 300 lb. linebacker Bertha McFatty, are looking for their 4th straight win. What do you think of McFatty's play the last few games, Norm?"
Announcer 2: "That's a HUGE bitch!"
by Nick D February 24, 2004
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phrase used to point out to your friends a very large woman walking by, usually very fat and also tall
three drunks friends walking back home after the bar and see a fat chick whos also 6'4" walking down the street
Drunk friends all at once: "That's a huge bitch!!!"
by mitchryder June 12, 2008
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