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When something is good, funny or generally entertaining...
Person 1:"Rosa fell down the stairs at school today"
Person 2:"Thats Gold!"
by Mechanical Animal April 16, 2006
8 0
To describe something or a situation that is classic and/or priceless, like the ability of gold to stand the test of time and hold value. The term can be used to describe some epic adventure, great conquest,or just as a sarcastic remark to someone to patronize them.
dude: I slammed that hot redhead from the bar last nite.

dudes friend: That's gold!

example 2

tool : I just put a spoiler on the back my cavalier, it's so cool!

dude: Yeah that's gold.
by TV CAR April 08, 2010
30 2
To clench one's right fist and slam it down on one's left palm.

Performed when something funny or exciting is, has or is about to occur.
-That's Gold
-Footy Show
by Chaz36 August 11, 2005
28 4