This is often used by straight people who are ingnorant to gays and don't really understand the meaning of what they're saying. Some people take it seriously, while others blow it off. "That's so gay" is another way to say "That's so retarded"
"Dayum! Did you see what he did? That's so gay!"
by Jassssooonnnn July 03, 2009
Top Definition
1- Used by people as an adjective to describe things that are retarded, bad, unpleasent.
2- Phrase used in a Politcal Correctness campaign aimed at people not using the phrase.
Gregory-"Did you see that dumb PSA, 'Thats so gay' "

Zach- "Yeah dude, that's so gay"

Gregory- "How gay is it"

Zach- "Gayer then AIDS"
by omgJFD August 03, 2009
Phrase used to describe something lame, dull or boring. Unsubstantial.
Dad: Going to the family reunion will be a gay old time.
Teenager: Dad, that's so gay.
Dad: I'm glad to hear you're so happy about it.
Teenager: No, it's lame and boring.
by joe1970 October 08, 2010
Mostly used by homophobic and/or ignorant people or persons to describe something that is unappealing or "uncool". Usually used about something feminine if about or on a male or something masculine on or about a female, rainbows or the colour pink associated with a male.
"Did you see Johnny's shirt? That's so gay!"
by Serenadeanb December 06, 2014
1. A critique or description of an event given by a person who lacks the capacity to contribute anything meaningful to most any dialogue; usually due to their lack of education, neanderthal brain cavity, and/or obsession with all things "gay".

2. A term most often used by closeted youth to avoid appearing too intelligent, too fashionable, too artsy, too worldly. Individualism here is not important, in fact it's discourage. Fall in easily with your dumb ape male or amazon female mates and just refer to everything as "That's so Gay!", other than each other of course.

3. May also be shortened to simply "Gay." Thus eleimanting the need to think or add additional words to a perfectly hoser comment.
Example 1: Rodney dresses well for school; his mates say "That's So Gay!"
Example 2: Chuck has an intelligent thought; his mates say "That's So Gay!"
Example 3: Brian watches a YouTube video about an opera singer and responds "GAY.", thus assuring himself that he is not suffering from sexual disorientation.
Example 3: Laura is just a young, impressionable, though not very bright youth. Laura sees a dog with a red collar and says aloud "That's So Gay!", then realizes that she too is wearing a red collar because her trailer trash boyfriend put it on her the night before whilst doing it "doggy style", and whilst thinking about his best friend Chad ... "That's So Gay!"
by warmbrother November 09, 2013
A negative and ignorant way to express how one feels about something they dislike, think is wrong, or don't care for.

Thus it would be the same as a rascist person calling a black person a "Nigger".

(Not "Nigga" which is a way to address a friend, which white people should be careful saying).

1) "That's so gay my property taxes are going to be $9,000 this year"

2) "That's so gay the bar didn't have Grey Goose."

3) "Dawg, That's so gay the price of gas keeps going up."
by Bleached White Boy March 01, 2010
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