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1. To say something is fresh.

2. If one were to see a pair of shoes they liked in a store window, they might say, "That's fresh. I want those fresh shoes.".

3. A term making a huge comeback with today's most hip & fresh crowd. Use the term "That's fresh" if you ever feel like being cool. It's a sure way to make you stand out amung all the "balh" people around you.
1. Person A: I just got a great paying job!
Person B: That's fresh. That's fresh. I'm happy for you.

2. "Oh my God that's fresh! Look at those fresh shoes!!!"

3. Person A: Hey everybody, look at the disco ball! Now that's fresh!
Person B: Wow, what a cool thing to say. We should all start saying fresh to equal out to your superiorness.
Person A: No no no Person A, it's not a cool thing to say, it's a FRESH thing to say!
*crowd goes wild*
by The Freshness July 12, 2005
used to describe somthing cool and hip
synonyms include Funky Fresh cool and awesome

can also be used to deacribe how cool a person is

HA HA HA! yea that's Fresh!

haha yea that foo is fresh
by The Freshest February 02, 2007
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